The Seven-Headed Fairy | NUKU

The Seven-Headed Fairy

35 min|Pre-schooler, School children|Oval Hall

Fairytales in the garret

“The Seven-Headed Fairy” takes its viewers to a small garret room where a grandmother dives into the world of fairy tales to bring some joy and comfort to her granddaughter Juuli, who is ill in bed. As if by magic, the little garret room turns into a wonderland, as sundry characters come to life on the washing line: Babo-Titi, a jumping jack, pipers Aasper and Paasper, the seven-headed fairy and many more. The peculiar stories invite us to use our imagination and let loose our inner jumping jacks to do away with boredom.

“The Seven-Headed Fairy” is based on Hungarian author Ervin Lázár’s fairy tale collection of the same name. The production was created in 2015 as the diploma production of Jaanika Tammaru, a theatre directing student of UT Viljandi Culture Academy.



Tiina Tõnis