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Rooms for rent

Renting theatre halls is not possible until April 2017.

The theatre has three halls for performances: Ferdinand Hall, Small Hall and Oval Hall

Ferdinand Hall

A classical theatre stage with maximum 422 seats (including a balcony and box seats). 
Light, sound and video equipment list in Ferdinand Hall.
Technical plan of the Hall

Small Hall

Black box type theatre hall, with stage measurements; 10m x 17m, seats for 200.
Technical plan of the Hall
Cross-section of the Hall

Oval Hall

Oval Hall stage is 6m deep and 7m wide, the back wall of the stage is arched. The whole room is 14mx7m. Seats for up to 80.
Technical plan of the Hall

For more info: 
Toomas Kreen
Phone +372 6679 512, toomas.kreen [at]

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