Worst Case Scenario: 23 Thoughts About Conflict | NUKU

Worst Case Scenario: 23 Thoughts About Conflict

1 h 10 min|Young person, Grown-up|Von Krahl Theatre, Upper hall

WCS Company

An expert juggler, an acrobat and dancer, a musician and inventor, and a brave warrioress present an archive (collection?) of 23 thoughts about conflict they collected in one year's time. Each one of them happened in reality.

The show presents, from a unique point of view, personal and daily conflicts on various issues, meaningful or common.

WCS Company unites four independent Israeli artists from various fields of art, with a background in performance, circus and music. In their work, they paint a complex picture of reality from a poetic point of view, combining it with their virtuosic abilities in their unique disciplines.

The four performers present the most unbelievable and yet real situations from their everyday life in the Middle East. – Theater Der Zeit

WCS Company’s Worst Case Scenario: 23 Thoughts About Conflict struck me with its approaches to the topic, its unique point of view and its lightness. Four actors, performers present twenty three conflict situations, moments that offer recognition and humour. But also bitter realisation that nobody is perfect. We can all be at times narrow-minded, shallow, and unjust, hurt someone and get hurt ourselves. Combining elements of physical and object theatre, a series of situations about typical and untypical conflicts unfolds before the audience. – Taavi Tõnisson, actor of Theatre NUKU

Performance times and tickets:
May 24, 6pm Buy a ticket