Excursions | NUKU


60-90 min|Pre-schooler, School children, Young person, Grown-up|Museum

Each excursion takes the participant to a trip around the puppetry world. The excursions are suited with the groups age. 

Excursion no 1: History of Estonian Theatre for Young Audiences

A tour in which we travel through time and space. With the help of the Arch of Stars video installation, we will meet the stars of Estonian Theatre for Young Audiences (former Estonian State Puppet Theatre) - actors and artists who have been creators between the theatre walls for years. We also see puppets older than your grandmother, try out the quiz on fairy tales and look at mechanical theatre puppets. Of course, we step into the wardrobe of an actress and play with real theatre puppets.

Excursion no 2: Introduction to puppetry types

A practical tour in the Museum of Puppetry Arts with a guide, where you learn about the basics of puppetry. Participants can try moving a table puppet, a rod puppet, a shadow puppet and a glove puppet. 


Excursion fee per participant is 5/6 €, (child/adult) plus the guide fee of 40 € per group.

Excursion bookings by e-mail muuseum [at] nuku.ee or by phone +372 6679 545.