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Main Exhibition


A puppet theatre starts with a possibility that everything, and we mean really everything can be made into a living entity. Even love, air, goodness and warmth can be turned into a puppet!

The main exhibition of the NUKU museum starts from the very beginning. You can touch air and see what puppetry does to water, fire and earth - the main elements of everything we see. 

Each of the five most well-known puppet types have their own room and stage. You can visit the Marionette Room, Rod and Glove Puppet Room, Table Puppet Room and Body Puppet Room. What are their stories, how each puppet is moved and how different puppets really are? These are the questions you will find answers to - and of course, you can try them out on your own, too! Alongside theatre puppets we also have mechanical puppets and The Wardrobe of an Actor where you can try on many costumes and wigs...

The exhibition also introduces many theatre positions and jobs such as the Artistic Director, Prop Maker, Puppeteer, Stage Hand and Manager, Make-Up Artist, Costume Maker and so on... 

Our very own personal Time Machine or the Arch of Stars displays videos from years and years ago, showing the different performances and people who have worked in NUKU theatre throughout its 65 years of existence. 


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