Festival Talks

Festival Talks give you a chance to hear festival performers and Estonian journalists discuss their work and shows. Main performers Gisele Vienne and Paul Zaloom talk about artistic life and the ideas behind their creation. Norwegian company Trunk & Egg and Estonian dance company Zuga speak about directing and playing for children. An excellent opportunitiy to meet the head of the International Institute of Puppetry and director Eloi Recoing and the head of World Puppet Theatre Festival, Anne-Françoise Cabanis is presented on June 2. They introduce the opportunities of puppetry in Charleville-Meziers' and the upcoming festival in September. The presentation will be in French with translation to Estonian.

All other conversations are held in English.

Entrance to the talks is without admission.

Everyone are most welcome to join, especially theatre researchers, students and theatre professionals.


June 1 at 14.00 on NUKU theatre 2nd floor lobby
Company Trunk&Egg (Norway) and company Zuga (Estonia) on performing for children.
The talk is curated by Keiu Virro, a journalist for Eesti Päevaleht.

June 2 at 15.00 in Von Krahl Theatre ground floor hall
Presentation of the International Institute of Puppetry and the World Puppet Theatre Festival in Charleville-Mezieres', France

June 3 at 22.30 in Cafe Hendrik, NUKU Theatre
Choreographer, director, visual artist Gisele Vienne (France)
NB! the performance of The Ventriloquists Convention is on stage before the talk at 20.00
The talk  is curated by Erle Loonurm, a journalist for Estonian National Broadcast and a communication person for French Institute

June 4 at 14.00 on NUKU theatre 2nd floor lobby
Puppeteer, performer, political comedian Paul Zaloom (USA)
NB! His show Adventures of the White-Man is on stage the same night at 20.00 
The talk is curated by Hele-Maria Taimla, a freelance journalist.

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