Each day of the festival finishes at the Club. This is the meeting place for audience and performers. It is the place where to spend time, to enjoy the atmosphere and let the theatrical impressions of the day run through you. It is the exchange of ideas and energy. The place where it all finally comes together and breaks out. After some years, the Club is back in the NUKU building - in our own Hendrik's cafe and the inner courtyard.

Entrance to the Club is from the cafe door on Lai street. No admission.

June 1

At 21.30 Opening of the festival
The Band Dopamiin
DJs of NUKU theatre

June 2

Doors open from 22

June 3

Doors open from 22.30
At 22.30 Festival Talks: Gisele Vienne (1st floor lobby)

June 4

Doors open from 22


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