About Festival

The centre of NuQ Treff Festival is a theatre that tells stories through visual language and that finds new forms for content. The focus of the program is on modern puppetry and object theatre performances, but the selection also showcases performance art and many other forms of theatre.

The audience can get better access to theatre through the additional program that invites you to join in the artist talks, exhibitions, lectures and workshops. 

Previous headliners for the festival have been: Philippe Genty, Gisele Vienne, Paul Zaloom, WHS & Sunsoo-Ahn Pick-Up Group, Duda Paiva.

The next festival will take place from May 24-27, 2019!

For theatre companies and groups:
NuQ Treff is a curator-festival, the performances are chosen by the artistic director Mr Vahur Keller. There is no application process to participate in NuQ Treff.

More info
Annika Land-Reisser
Executive Manager
annika [at] nuku.ee


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